Welcome to Burning Flipside

Burning Flipside is a regional art and music festival inspired by Burning Man. It is a place for radical self-expression and an experiment in temporary community building. It is a place of acceptance, inclusiveness, and respect. It is organized entirely by volunteers. The art and entertainment is created solely by participants. There are no spectators. There are no concession stands. No cash transactions are permitted at Flipside. Even bartering is discouraged. This is a sincere experiment in creating a gift economy. If you need something, ask for it. If you have it, gift it! This is a Leave No Trace event. There are no garbage cans. Participants pack out what they bring into this private event.

The Basics

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Last-chance ticket sale

Great news, everyone! Your pals at Austin Artistic Reconstruction are having a last-chance sale of tickets to Burning Flipside. Here's how it will work:

We will be distributing 50 tickets at Church Night (tomorrow!). Payment in cash or money orders. 1023 Springdale Road, Austin TX, Wednesday May 14, starting 8:00 PM or so.

We will be distributing another 50 tickets to people with ads on NotNotBob'sList. Important: a lot of ads on NotNotBob'sList have gone stale, so if you want us to respond to *your* ad, edit it to include "I'm all in" at the beginning. Operators are standing by. Time is too short for mail; the person responding to your ad may be able to work out an electronic payment method. Wondering if an offer is legit? See if it came from one of us.

Tickets are $95, tickets for kids aged 7-13 are $35, tickets for children 6 and younger are free.


Check out the Volunteering Page for all your volunteering needs. Chances are the group you want to find or volunteer for already has a page. If not, go add one!

Get Involved

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Our Principles

Self Expression

Our events foster an environment of creative self-expression, where participants feel supported to honestly express their inner selves, through artistic creation, performance, and in their social interactions.


Our events foster an environment of personal accountability, where we hold ourselves responsible for our own actions, and take personal responsibility for meeting our own needs, for the event itself, and for the event's impact on the world at large.


Our events foster an environment of cooperation, where participants work together to resolve potential conflicts between one another, to help mediate conflicts between others, and to create art, performance, and social spaces on a larger scale than one person could alone.

Lost something at Flipside last year? Check out our Lost and Found from Burning Flipside 2013.